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Burglary Prevention Rotherham

Burglary Prevention Rotherham

In South Yorkshire Yorkshire, around 1200 burglaries occur every month or on average 40 every day. Most of these are committed during the day, when we are all out working or shopping.

So if you are unfortunately the victim of a break-in at your property you can rely on our highly rated Professional Locksmiths. As ex-police officers we provide unrivalled Customer Service from start to finish, no matter what time of day or night you call us.

Burglary Prevention Rotherham

Kevin, Christopher and Richard are co-owners of SheffLOCK, a family run Mobile Locksmith Business.

All three have been fully vetted (CRB/DBS checked) and accredited to a high standard (City&Guilds) ensuring a quality repair using the best High Security (Police and Insurance Industry approved) products available on the market. SheffLOCK, will repair and replace all damaged parts and if glass has been broken we offer a quick and efficient Boarding Up Service. We also provide our customers with replacement Double Glazed Units if required.

Burglary Prevention Rotherham

A Burglary is one of the worst crimes any family can face and our SheffLOCK Team of Ex-Police Officers can provide you with a honest and sympathetic Full Security Check on your property. Our advice and knowledge regarding criminal activity spans over 40 years so you can be confidant we know what we are talking about. We are not pushy Salesmen who do not care about you and your family. We just provide practical, low cost, high security solutions to suit each circumstance we come across.

Burglary Prevention Rotherham

Burglary is an unlawful or forcible entry into your home to usually commit the offence of theft. As a Victim of burglary you often lose items of value, which are personal and more importantly irreplaceable. Burglary creates the emotional shock of having your property personally invaded and can be deeply upsetting.

Burglary Prevention Rotherham

Burglars usually look for an empty home. How can you protect your property from intruders? When are you most likely to be a victim of burglary?

  • Whenever you are away from home.
  • When you are home but busy or asleep.
  • After Christmas criminals know you have new and expensive items in the house.
  • During Summer when you leave doors and windows open
Burglary Prevention Rotherham

Over 70% of all burglaries are through our doors, with 40% of that total committed by the method of “Lock Snapping”. Windows are easily broken and faulty handles or inadequate locking mechanisms contribute to your home being entered. Replace or Upgrade all your Locks and think about Laminated Double Glazed Units to deter the burglar.

Burglary Prevention Rotherham
Make your Rotherham Home Secure

There are a number of ways you can make your home more secure for the future. Some security measures can be expensive but there are other less expensive things you can do that cost much less:

  • Leave lights or a radio on when you go out.
  • Check that all doors and windows are properly closed and locked.
  • Don’t leave side gates open and make sure they’re secure.
  • Don’t leave accessible windows open at night.
  • Keep ladders out of sight.
  • Break up packaging for electrical goods (TVs, laptops etc) and put it all in your recycling box. Leaving it outside will alert a burglar to your new purchase.
distraction burglary
What is the difference between a Distraction and Sneak-In burglary?

A Distraction Burglary is when the offenders trick the occupant or distract them to allow their accomplice to gain access to the property and commit burglary. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to distraction burglary.

A Sneak-in Burglary is when the offenders enter your property through an insecure Door or Window. Again the elderly are more likely to leave their doors open for convenience and again vulnerable to this type of crime.

Fitting a Police Approved KeySafe to your elderly relatives property can eliminate unwanted intruders into their homes and provides their loved ones with peace of mind

Supra key safe
C500 Police Accredited KeySafe™

The Supra C500 Outdoor Key Safe was designed after extensive consultation with users to be the ultimate in key box usability and security.

The C500 has been put through its paces to achieve LPS 1175 : Issue 6, Security Rating 1, LPCB certificate number 1062a (Find out more - link below Mike) security rating which means it has undergone a series of rigorous and demanding tests devised by security experts (The LPCB) who concluded that, when installed as directed, the Supra C500 is as attack resistant as a domestic front door. This accreditation is recognised by Secured By Design's Police Preferred Specifications, as well as by leading home insurance companies


The security benefit of using Laminated Glass over industry standard toughened glass in windows and doors where safety glazing is required.

Firstly we will explain the difference between the types.

burglary prevention laminated glass
Laminated Glass

Laminated glass has the same strength as ordinary glass but it consists of two pieces of glass containing a sandwich of plastic interlayer. If the glass does get broken this interlayer holds the whole piece in place so there is no hole left in the window for an intruder to get in through for example or large free shards that can cut. It is the same glass you find in car windscreens and shop fronts.

Toughened Glass
Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is upto five times as strong as ordinary glass which means that it has to be hit much harder in order to break, also when it does break it is into lots of small pieces which are much less dangerous. It’s the same glass that you will find in bus stops and phone boxes where you may have seen it smashed into small pieces on the floor.

Standard Annealed Glass
Standard Annealed Glass

This is used in every other window where safety glazing is not required & when broken breaks into jagged pieces. Burglars would almost never try & gain entry through this type of glazing so there’s no need to change this type.

smashed window glass
Why are we informing you of this?

We have seen a rise in burglars gaining entry through rear French, Patio and back doors where toughened glass had been installed. We now advise the customer to have Laminated glass in any areas where safety glass is needed on the ground floor. Look at the picture above and imagine how easy it would be if a burglar broke one of the panes of the toughened glass. It takes them seconds with only one bang, no picking locks, no continuous noise & no sharp jagged edges which you would get with standard annealed glass

star secuirty system
TS007 3 star rating

Most kitemarked cylinders will withstand a break-in attempt. But the new TS007 3 Star standard will protect against every attempt. This security standard has been developed by the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF) and the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) in conjunction with Secured by Design.

To meet the TS007 standard, you must have a cylinder or combination of cylinder and door furniture with an accumulative 3 star rating.

lock snapping Rotherham

Lock snapping is a burglary technique which involves snapping a particular type of lock cylinder in two by applying the right amount of force and removing the outside part to expose the locking mechanism. Once the locking mechanism is exposed, it’s open to tampering which allows the door to be unlocked using simple household tools.

There are now many ‘anti-snap’ locks on the market, some are very secure and some are not.